Miss India '13 Finalist Anushka Shah

Profession : Model
I am Anushka Shah, 18 years old from the city of Hyderabad. Honest, Obedient & Confident, I always strive for perfection and love socializing. 
College: The Hyderabad Public School 
Hobbies: Reading legal journals, surfing the net, playing badminton.
Zodiac: Cancer
City Born In: Hyderabad
Babulal Bairwa
Babulal Bairwa took the poll
on Jun 02, 2014 , 02:30 pm
Babulal Bairwa - Anushka sharma song
Band Baaja Baarat - Full Title song - Ranveer Singh | Anushka Sharma
Aadha Ishq - Song - Band Baaja Baaraat - Anushka Sharma
Baari Barsi - Song - Band Baaja Baaraat - Anushka Sharma
TechMan commented on the blog by Anushka Shah
on Dec 09, 2013 , 01:20 pm
Anushka Shah - UNSEEN KERALA!
We boarded the flight to Kochi from Mumbai at 830 today and i couldn't hold the excitement even as I could barely keep my eyes open! :D Well, its not my first time in Kerala but its still like my first visit here as I holidayed in Kerala when i was probably a 7 year old kid! We are out up in this mindblowing Beach Resort called Carnoustie! It is so beautiful that it almost takes my breathe away! And I must say guys, we have been given absolutely FAB Villas. (The pictures of which you more »
Animesh Rastogi
Arnab Dan
Arnab Dan commented on the blog by Anushka Shah
on Apr 28, 2013 , 07:55 pm
Anushka Shah - Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high.
Sounds familiar doesn't it? Yes, today I have decided to blog about my favourite prayer, written by Rabindranath Tagore but instilled in me by my Father. When I was a lil girl, he'd brush my teeth, bathe me and get me dressed for school. And while doing it all he has always recited to me - Where the mind is without fear and the head is held highWhere knowledge is freeWhere the world has not been broken up into fragmentsBy narrow domestic wallsWhere words come out from the depth of more »
Nisha Bisht
Chandan Tamariya
Anjum Fakih
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